La Jornada – Senate suspends vote to extend military presence in security

Mexico City. With the endorsement of Morena and her allies, the Senate returned to committees the opinion of the reform that extends until 2028 the participation of the armed forces in the fight against organized crime, with which its vote is postponed for at least two weeks.

In that period, the majority group will seek to gather the votes that are still missing to complete the necessary qualified majority, since it is a constitutional reform.

The opposition bloc made up of PAN, PRI, MC and PRD opposed it and for more than an hour they tried to prevent the majority group from deferring the discussion. “They want to withdraw the opinion to see if they can continue buying wills, in the form of gifts,” warned the PAN coordinator, Julen Rementería.

After Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, raised for the first time the possibility of not voting on the minute today, the ruling commissions officially presented the proposal to return the opinion to the commissions, but it did not have all the signatures and it was until two hours after the brief met that requirement.

At least two more hours passed, so that a vote could be taken, since the opponents insisted that there were two documents, despite repeated explanations that the first one, the one that did not bear the signatures of the majority of the members of the ruling commissions , it was never processed and, therefore, it did not count.

Very annoyed, the coordinator of MC, Dante Delgado, maintained in the tribune that this fact only made clear “the failure” of the Secretaries of the Interior, Defense and the Navy, who pressured leftist legislators.

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PAN members, PRI members, and PRD members insisted that Morena wanted more time in order to capture more opposition legislators, in order to continue the militarization of the country.

In Morena it transpired that they only lacked two votes, one of them from the PRI Mario Zamora, who in the end backed down, after his morning meeting with the head of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, was discovered in a nearby restaurant. to the Senate seat.

Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, took the podium for the second time to insist that a few more days be given to analyze the minutes and introduce changes related to parliamentary control of the National Guard’s actions.

Once returned to committees, they have a period of ten business days to approve the new opinion and send it to the board of directors.

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