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The national television signal will resume part of its usual programming from this Monday. In turn, he reported some changes before the departure of animator Eduardo Fuentes.

From this one monday september 26the national signal, The netwill resume its usual programming after several months without broadcasting its own content due to the strike of its workers, who accuse the non-payment of their salaries.

Through a press release, the signal also reported who will replace Eduardo Fuentes as host of the program True Lies.

“On the appointed day, the transmission of the “Hola Chile” program will return by its usual drivers, Julia Vial and Eduardo de la Iglesiastarting at 3:30 p.m. ”, they pointed out.

In this way, the faces of the former morning will resume their work after having maintained a joint program on social networks.

The replacement of Eduardo Fuentes

The channel also reported that the talk show, True Lieswill also return at its usual time, however, the driving, which was occupied by Eduardo Fuentes, will be in charge of the former presidential candidate, Alejandro Guillierwho “has been a continuous collaborator of the channel”, they affirmed.

Given this, they assured that the program will continue to be “a space for conversation and interviews with interesting guests to comment on relevant topics”.

Thus, the television signal hopes to resume its programming gradually, while combining it with the broadcast of movies, series and documentaries.

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