La Roja Sub 20 collides with reality: England dominates and surpasses Ormazábal’s team in its premiere in Murcia

The challenge for Chilean Under 20 teamat the start of the Costa Cálida Supercup, which takes place in Murcia, is to show Patricio Ormazábal’s work on the field in charge of the youth team and also demand himself before teams of another level. The start of the friendly home run left more concerns than certainties for the national team, after clearly losing 3-0 to England.

Generally, colliding with squads of a superior lineage works. And the Red, whose focus is on the South American of the category next year, faced no less than the current champion of Europe Under 19. The Three Lions team, already qualified for the Under 20 World Cup in Indonesia 2023, beat Israel in the final, which was played in July. These differences between one and the other were evident on the field of the Pinatar Arena. A reality bath.

Ormazábal initially arranged a 4-3-3, parking Dario Osorio as right pointer. The talented player of the U, despite the fact that he does not exploit his full potential when he is pigeonholed in a specific sector, he was the only one who tried something offensively. He has served him the most continuity in the first team. The difference between the Jewel and the rest became apparent. Osorio initially accompanied Esteban Calderón and Gabriel Norambuena on offense.

On the defensive side, Chile was permeable before a faster and more dynamic English team. Every British advance, especially down the flanks, caused a headache for the defence. Maicol León and Daniel Gutiérrez, the respective full-backs, had a particularly bad time during the initial 45 minutes. In fact, the first two English goals came from outside.

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Prematurely, the cast directed by Ian Foster revealed its superiority over the Chilean eleven. Ten minutes into the game and striker Liam Delap opens the account, connecting a cross from incisor southpaw Sam Iling-Junior. Chile not only suffered on the wings, but also had a hard time developing in the middle. Almost all the construction of the game that La Roja tried to do went through Osorio’s left foot.

In minute 23, it was 2-0 for England, the work of side Daniel Oyegoke, who took a powerful left foot after a lucid personal play. Just in the 35 minutes came the first shot on goal by the Chileans. From Osorio, by the way. Then, in the 38th minute, a shot by Jeison Fuentealba forced a stretch by goalkeeper Harvey Davies. Little else did the red squad in the opposite area.

For the second period, Chile stood higher on the court, trying to improve what they did not have in the first. However, that eagerness faded, because England did not lose control of the game. Despite the numerous changes in his team, the style was the same. The entry of Renato Huerta by Manuel Lolas made Darío Osorio go more to the middle. Then came striker Sebastien Pineau, who still has to decide between La Roja and Peru. He was very little assisted, therefore no further conclusions can be drawn about his usefulness in the team.

In minute 63, the English made it 3-0, through Sam Edozie, with a shot in front of the goal by Eduardo Villanueva from Colocolino. The panorama was defined. And so it ended.

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The next challenge for Pato Ormazábal’s Sub 20 will be this Saturday, against his pair from Australia. Later, he will close his participation in the contest that takes place at the Pinatar Arena on Tuesday 27, against Morocco.

England 3: H. Davies; D. Oyegoke (61′, E. Ingram), R. Edwards (46′, R. Welch), A. Scott (80′, C. Patiño), C. Doyle; C. Chukwuemeka, F. Burns (46′, T. Iroegbunam), S. Edozie (71′, M. Ebiowei); A. Ramsey (80′, J. Balagizi), L. Delap (71′, D. Scarlett) and S. Iling-Junior (61′, H. Vale). DT: I. Foster.

Chile 0: E. Villanueva; M. León, T. Avilés (75′, P. Guajardo), D. Fiamengo, D. Gutiérrez (68′, Y. Salazar); J. Fuentealba, C. Castillo, M. Lolas (46′, R. Huerta); D. Osorio, E. Calderón (61′, S. Pineau) and G. Norambuena (75′, S. Pino). DT: P. Ormazábal.

goals: 1-010′, Delap, connects Iling-Junior center; 2-023 ′, Oyegoke, left foot after personal play; 3-062 ′, Edozie, shot in front of goal.

Referee: Diaz Escudero (ESP). He admonished Ebiowei and Patiño (ING).

Pinatar Arena, Murcia.

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