landslide blocked the Medellín-Bogotá highway

After heavy rains this afternoon in the north of the city, a landslide fell on the Medellín-Bogotá highway at kilometer 4, which caused the highway to be blocked in both directions.

The incident It happened about a kilometer after the toll located between the municipalities of Copacabana and Bello.

The quagmire that formed the emergency prevents the movement of vehicles in both directions at the moment. For now, only motorcycles venture to cross the affected area. According to the most recent report, No injuries were reported, although a truck and a dump truck were affected.

According to the Devimed concession, there is already yellow machinery in the area to deal with the emergency and remove the material that fell on the road. The estimated calculation for now is that the section of the road is closed until midnight. The road is expected to be cleared by that time.

However, this will depend on there being no more rainfall in the area. For now, the concession calls on drivers to take alternate routes such as Las Palmas and El Escobero if coming from the east.

In the zone, As expected, a road collapse occurs. Through social networkscitizens have complained that some motorcyclists have recklessly passed through the collapse by force, dismissing the calls for attention from Police and Traffic personnel who are in the area. As a “total chaos” they have considered the situation.

For this reason, as an alternative measure, Devimed announced that drivers can return at kilometer 6 and cross the toll free of charge.

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