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The Peruvian singer attina confirmed that it will present a musical show at the pre-Movistar Arena showcases of the Latin Music Awardsan event that will take place this October 12 in Bogotá, Colombia.

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Atina is not new to this musical event, the national artist was part of the Latino Nominations Music Show 2021, where she performed her first single “Vámonos”, a modern merengue in ‘Spanglish’ that turned her career around.

“I am very excited to be a part of the Latino Music Awards. It’s the first big stage I’m going to be on and I’m preparing to be up to it. These last weeks have been full of good news, this trip to Bogotá and the reception that ‘Impossible Love’ is having, they make me very happy “, noted in a press release.

The Peruvian makes her way to the international industry and a few days ago she premiered her new song “Impossible Love”, a single that is already playing on the main digital platforms.

Atina has been in music since she was 14 years old and now at 19, she has put a lot of effort into her academic training in this art. She has just finished a year of training at The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York and will soon move to the United States to start her classes at the Berklee College of Music University.


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