Learn how to get the most out of content marketing

Content marketing has gained a privileged place in marketing strategies. With audiences spending most of their time online and the endless amount of content they can find, the competition is so high that you have to put a lot of effort into standing out.

Therefore, we leave you below several recommendations to draw the attention of users with our content.

Don’t fall for these 3 common content marketing mistakes

  • Post irrelevant content: We have assumed that regularly updating the publications of a website or blog is important to improve performance in search engines. However, this maxim does not mean that we should publish just to publish in order to have rotation, since we can fall into a well of content without depth or attractiveness. The main thing is to maintain a quality standard.
  • lose focus: Related to the previous point, the constant updating of content and the pressure to keep up with trends can lead us to lose the focus that we had determined for our blog.
  • Write for the algorithms: The attention we pay to SEO should not make us lose sight of the fact that we have to write for humans and not for robots. In fact, it is the recommendation that Google itself makes to content creators. The focus must be on creating value for our audiences.

Tips to improve your content marketing

  1. Identify your audiences: to offer them value, it is evident that you need to know your audiences. You have to be able to put yourself in their shoes and understand what they are looking for and want. To do this, you need to analyze your content and review which pieces have given the best results. In addition, you can look at the communities where your target audience is, to understand the topics that interest them. You can also collect information from your users directly, through surveys, contests and other resources that are attractive to them.
  2. Focus on effective and quality content: instead of taking a little here and there, you can create a great piece of content, like an interview, to use it in many ways: podcasts, short videos, reels with callouts, among many other options.
  3. Expand the reach of your content: the social networks and platforms most used by your audiences will be your allies in this task. Disseminate your content in different formats and measure its performance. Thus, you will not only amplify your content, but you will also be able to know which ones achieve a better connection with the people who interest you.
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