Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone broke up because the actor wanted to settle down with the model

Leonardo Dicaprio could finally be willing to settle down, especially after the information published by ‘The Sun’.

DiCaprio has been the butt of jokes for most of the last month after breaking up with model Camilla Morrone.

Twitter users and some media outlets spoke of the actor’s alleged predilection for women not older than 25 years.

It quickly became a phenomenon through memes, images and comedy that made the rounds on social networks.

However, the report by ‘The Sun’ could show that Leonardo Dicaprio I’m really looking for something meaningful this time.

Leonardo DiCaprio is ready to settle down with his partner

For a while, the fame of dating younger women was shared by other actors like George Clooney either Bruce Willis.

However, he knows that already reaching a certain age, it is very possible that DiCaprio is ready to establish a life as a couple.

According to The Sun newspaper, Camila Morrone was focused on her career while Leo was already thinking about have kids and stay home.

Once Camila saw what Leo’s intentions were, the report confirmed that she was the one who broke up with the actor.

Leonardo Dicaprio It would come out ahead after so much internet trolling. However, the actor, almost 50 years old, continues to look for a date with women under 30.

There was a recent rumor that DiCaprio is already dating Gigi Hadidbut the relationship is in its “casual mode” at the moment.

Gigi Hadid would also like to settle down

Although the latest information points to Leo DiCaprio having casual encounters with Gigi Hadid, it also reveals that she wants something serious with the actor.

Hadid She is already the mother of a daughter with the singer Zayn Malikwhich is a great point in favor of Leo’s claims.

According to People, Leonardo Dicaprio he would be mesmerized by the model and their relationship could escalate quickly.

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