“Let him present evidence…”: Manuel de Tezanos lost patience and attacked Mauricio Israel again

Combos go, combos come. This is how the controversy that Mauricio Israel and Manuel de Tezanos have been leading in recent weeks can be summarized.

It all came about when the latter reviewed the Central Circle driver on his YouTube program.

“We’re not going to believe the Rabbi, please… I don’t believe anything that man says. Why should he believe her? A person who fled the country until his claims for fraud expired? A hue… that, when I worked with him in First class passionI played basic Windows solitaire and didn’t watch the games. A hue… who was going to talk on the cell phone and came back and commented, as if he were watching the game. Are we going to believe him? ”, Was part of his criticism.

For the same reason, from that moment the commentator kept nothing to himself and also attacked the face of TNT Sports, whom he accused of “mistreatment” and of entering Mega for “smurf”. He even hinted at an alleged link with illegal betting houses.

And now, it was “Manoel” himself who raised his voice to respond to Israel.

“Nothing is true, nothing. Everything is very badly spun, there are many inconsistencies in what is said, besides, everything is verifiable, you can search for it on the Internet, ”she defended herself.

And along the same lines, he added: “You can review all the accusations that they made against me and there is nothing that accuses me. I was ready for something else.”

“The thing about Mega’s pituto, I don’t know where he got it from. I went to job interviews, they also didn’t fire me, I went to Fox Argentina in 2010. You can ask my co-workers if I had a bad treatment. I’ve told TVN a thousand times. It was chaos, there was brutal desperation, we were always last in rating. There were fights like anywhere, ”he deepened.

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The defense of Manuel de Tezanos

After cardboard, he also took a minute to talk about the accusation related to illegal betting houses. “It is something that is being regulated in Chile, in our case we have Betsson that supports us.”

“With my brother we have a partnership, the YouTube channel, we have 10 people working here. We pay our taxes, in what way could our editorial line limit us, ”she launched.

In addition, he also spoke about his current employment situation at TNT Sports, which, according to Israel, hangs in the balance.

“I don’t have a problem on TNT, I’m commenting on the Chile game this week, I’m doing the university classic at the stadium. I have Copa Chile matches (…) That is also not true, ”he said pissed off.

“I hope that, of all the accusations and all the things that he said, he will present proof. If you make serious accusations, at least in this world, you have to be able to back them up. Nothing else”, he concluded.

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