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Learn all about it below Yanapay Peru Bonus 2022 and Food Bonus 2022what are the LINKs, their amounts, the forms of collection and the possible beneficiaries.

CLICK HERE ► Bonus 550 soles public sector 2022, LINK: How to check if I am a beneficiary and when to collect?

During the State of Emergency due to COVID-19, the Midis continuously disseminated information about the Yanapay Peru Bond 2022 and on the other subsidies such as the Food Bonus 2022 of 270 soles.

In this context, citizens have been consulting the amounts, forms of payment and beneficiaries in September 2022. In this regard, the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDI) has been very emphatic in clarifying doubts.

Bono Yanapay Peru 2022, LINK: Is there a new schedule of 700 soles?

No. “Do not be fooled”, is the last message about the Yanapay Peru 2022 Bond, since there is no approval from Reniec on a false registry of beneficiaries of Yanapay during September 2022.

This message about false link new Yanapay Peru Bond 2022 was communicated because several netizens create pages or groups in Facebook with links of doubtful origin.

CLICK HERE ► Voucher 350 September 2022, LINK: How to check with DNI if I am a beneficiary?

Is there a new collection date for Yanapay Peru in September 2022?

According to official information from the Midis, the deadline for collecting financial support was June 30, 2022. Namely, there is no new date payment of this subsidy. In addition, a new link for the Yanapay Peru Bonus has not been reported either.

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All about the Yanapay Peru 2022 Bonus and the 2022 Food Bonus, what their amounts will be, the forms of collection and the possible beneficiaries.

Food Bonus 2022: amounts, forms of collection and first beneficiaries

Food Bonus 2022 had its amounts for social programs. The users of Together received S/ 200, those of Pension 65 received S/ 250 and those of Contigo received S/ 300. were the first beneficiaries:

Together S/ 200

  • enter HERE.
  • Enter your ID number and date of birth.
  • Do it from the web with any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone.

Pension 65 S/ 250

  • Download HEREthe mobile application Yachaq of Pension 65.
  • you can also do CLICK HERE for the consultation with DNI.
  • Enter your ID number
  • Register your date of birth
  • Enter the 4 numbers of the captcha code that appear below

With you S/ 300

  • The first pattern of additional bonus of 300 soles, within the Food Bonus 2022 It is consulted on the Contigo social program website.
  • Although you can also SEE IT HERE.

Food Bonus 2022: What are the forms of collection?

You should know that still NO there’s a LINK officer of the 2022 food voucher subsidy 270 soles for the second list of beneficiaries. However, these are the ways to collect the subsidy of S / 270.

  1. Deposit in account.
  2. Digital wallet.
  3. DNI account of the Bank of the Nation.
  4. Payment at the window.
  5. Others that are implemented in coordination with the financial entities with which there are current agreements.

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Food Bonus 2022: Who are the beneficiaries?

According to the Midis, the potentials beneficiaries of the Food Bonus they are citizens of legal age (18), who must meet the following requirements:

  • Households in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty according to the General Household Register (PGH) of the Household Targeting System (SISFOH), which is administered by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis).
  • Users of social programs Together, with you and Pension 65with the exception of the beneficiaries of the additional extraordinary subsidy provided by article 20 of Law No. 31538.
  • The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) He maintained that households whose members are not registered in the public and private payroll will be beneficiaries, except for pensioners, survivors and the training modality.
  • Likewise, the monthly income of said households must not exceed S/ 1,025.
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