Luis Enrique’s inspiration in cycling

09/21/2022 at 18:17


He communicates in training with the players with the ‘walkie talkie’, as is usual between directors and cyclists

Vanderlei Luxemburg tried it in a friendly in 2005 with Madrid with an earpiece to Raúl, but in games it is more complex

Luis Enrique is a transgressive technician. He is not afraid of breaking the mold in such a traditional sport with football and apply technology to improve their work. He already did it in the clubs where he was, like the Roma, Celta and FC Barcelona, and in the Spanish team follows the same line. His latest novelty has been to communicate with the footballers through a ‘walkie talkie’.

Luis Enrique likes to watch training sessions from a raised platform to better appreciate the tactical movements. Till the date, the voice had to be left for the players to hear from such a distant position and sometimes it was difficult for the message to arrive quickly.

The solution has been the ‘walkie talkie’. Luis Enrique speaks through a transmitter in a normal tone and his words reach a small speaker that soccer players carry on their backs. In this way, they find out quickly about the correction that the coach wants.


Lucho is a technician who likes to inspect other fields or sports and cycling is one of the great sources of inspiration. In the world of cycling, it is common practice for directors to communicate orders from their cars with the ‘walkie talkie’ and get to the little earpiece that cyclists wear on their ears.

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There are other sports where this practice is also common, like american footballwhere the coach indicates the play to be carried out to his ‘quarterback’ also with a ‘walkie talkie’.

Vanderlei Luxembourg

In football it is more difficult for this practice to be transferred to matches, but it is in training. Vanderlei Luxemburg tried it out in a friendly match for Real Madrid in 2005 by placing an earpiece on Raúl against an MLS team. The experiment did not work out and the Madrid captain felt uncomfortable.

Luis Enrique is making the most of the five days of training he has before playing against Switzerland in Zaragoza on Saturday to adjust tactical issues in the last concentration before the World Cup.

Thus, sessions last for more than two hours with the introduction also of a giant screen to see actions of the game.

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