Carabineros investigates a homicide that occurred last night outside the San Borja Terminal, after three people who came from a concert in Iquique started a fight with other individuals. The fact left two stabbed, one of whom died.

a man died in a street fight near the San Borja bus terminalthis Central Station.

The situation occurred last night outside the terminal, right at an entrance located on Calle 5 de Abril. At that point, three subjects who arrived from Iquique After attending a concert, they got into a fight with other individuals.

The fight ended with two being stabbed, both belonging to the first group. These are two Colombians, with their regular situation in the country and without police records. one of them died due to the severity of his injuries.

Police lieutenant Francisco Albanés indicated that there are several witnesses a statement was taken to clarify the fact.

It is investigated if in fact there is taxi drivers involved, which has not yet been established by Carabineros.