Manuel Vallicella dies, extronista of ‘Mujeres y hombres y viceversa’ in Italy, at the age of 35

Manuel Vallicella, former participant of the Italian version of ‘Women and men and vice versa’, has died at the age of 35impacting a large number of viewers who remember his time on the program, and his entire environment, devastated by the death of the young man. The cause of his death is reported by his friend Enrico Ciriaci, who has written on his social networks: “Goodbye friend, too good for this damn life. Broken”.

In 2019, the tattoo artist had lost his mother. This is why the blogger Amadeo Venza wants “may he be in the arms of his beloved mother” in a publication in which he expresses his sorrow. The last photo of him on Instagram accumulates thousands of comments lamenting his death and wishing him to rest in peacemany of them published by well-known figures of television and social networks in Italy. “If you want peace, prepare for war” It is the phrase that heads his biography on the social network, a quote with which he expressed his desire to fight for life.

Manuel Vallicella

Manuel Vallicella

In 2016, Vallicella became known on national televisionwith its participation in the program ‘Women and men and vice versa’, as suitor of the tronista Ludovica Valli. His presence was so strong that the program decided to offer him his own position as a tronista. Before long, however, he decided to leave, at prefer a life away from show business and choose to dedicate himself to another of his passions: tattoos.

Farewell to your partner

The one who was her program partner, Ludovica Valli, has published in her Instagram stories photographs in the company of Vallicella for his almost two million followers. She has accompanied the images with the phrases “I am speechless, I am really sorry. I will never forget your shyness and your sweet eyes, meeting you was an honor. You can rest now, may the earth be light to you. Manuel, good trip“.

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If you need support, you have several resources such as the Hope Telephone (717 003 717), the Suicide Telephone (911 385 385) or the Suicidal Behavior Attention Line (024), dedicated to the prevention of this problem.

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