Marley will build a house for her son Mirko: “It changes life”

Marley will build a house for Mirko (Video: Instagram)

Alexander Marley wiebe Y Mirko they continue to strengthen their bond with each step they take. The fact is that the boy, who is already 4 years old, accompanies his father in all of them, both in terms of work and enjoyment. And in that sense, the driver of The Argentine Voice announced that they will go one step further as a family: the construction of the house that he will share with his son has begun.

New House – Chapter 1: Seeing where to build our first house together with Mirko”, Marley said in a video in which he is seen with the child in his arms while they toured the land on which the home will be built. “Here we are, Mike. It is the place where your house is going to be built, because the house where we currently live, dad already lived there before you were born, ”said the animator.

“Suddenly you came into the world and then we said: ‘Well, now my whole life changes with this beautiful boy.’ That you have your own house too, which is the house of the two”, he explained, while the little boy was amazed by the wild environment. “Here we have ducks, swans… There is everything here. There is water and we are going to learn to row”, Marley ventured about the house that will be in front of a lake.

Marley and Mirko on the land where they will build their new house
Marley and Mirko on the land where they will build their new house

“Do you like it?” Marley asked but Mirko seemed more concerned about something else. “Duck Duck…”, said the boy calling the animal that circulated through the water. “I think he heard you…”, his father pointed out. And then he told her: “Go show the architect exactly where you want your room to be.” “Ehh… there!” answered the boy, pointing to an empty space. And since his father did not understand, he clarified: “there in the sky”, he said and provoked a laugh from Alejandro.

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“A new stage begins, huh. A new house,” Marley added in the video. A while later, she uploaded a postcard in which she is with Mirko a upa along with the caption: “new house, new life”, to summarize this new family stage.

Marley and Mirko, about to start construction of their new home (Photo: Instagram)
Marley and Mirko, about to start construction of their new home (Photo: Instagram)

In mid-July, Marley shared with his followers different postcards of his vacation in Europe in the company of Mirko, who enjoyed the boreal summer on the paradisiacal beaches of Italy. True to their style, father and son share different moments of rest and enjoyment on their social networks, and there a funny scene could be seen after the four-year-old boy got sunstroke after a long walk in the sun.

Mirko felt a little sunburned and they told me to try a glass of water on his head and if bubbles come out, it means he is. Did I do it right or did I do anything?”, Marley wrote in a publication that included a video that reflected the moment in which he tried to carry out this particular cure that aims to improve the discomfort caused after long exposure to the sun.

The popular procedure must be done by placing a glass of water on top of the head, which must be covered by a towel or cloth, so that the liquid is in contact with the cloth and not with the head. It is assumed that if bubbles are generated in the glass, it means that the discomfort of the person being cured is related to sunstroke..

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In the images you can see how, first, Marley places the glass on Mirko’s long blonde hair and when the four-year-old boy got up, the water fell on the floor, causing the driver to laugh and the person who was recording the scene with a cell phone. Then the animator thought better of it and said, “Let’s see, let’s try it with a towel”, and applied it to his son, who also laughed at this strange method.

Marley tried to cure Mirko of sunstroke and showed it on networks

Between Mirko who kept moving and Marley who is not very skilled with his hands, the second attempt also failed. “Stand still, it’s a magic trick!”, the father claimed to his son, between laughs, and the little one was more eager to go play than to stay there. “Everything seems to indicate that it would be fine, because there are no bubbles… apart from that, it doesn’t stop doing silly things. Cured! Good!”, Marley finally celebrated, releasing the child. “We made a mess…”, he described later, seeing water on the floor of the entire bathroom.

Regarding the driver’s query to his followers about how he should practice this unique procedure, many comments on the publication pointed out that the objects in question were very poorly placed. “It’s fine, but you have to fold the towel over the glass. Then put it on, if it bubbles you are insolated and cure it 3 days in a row at 12 noon or 8 pm”, suggested a fan.

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