Máximo Kirchner reappeared at a barbecue with suburban leaders and spoke of the attack on Cristina

The meetings and private dialogues of Maximo Kirchnerfocused on the electoral fight for the province of Buenos Aires, had a salient point yesterday at noon with a barbecue in Lomas de Zamoraland of his ally, the Buenos Aires chief of staff, Martin Insaurralde. In a meeting with leaders of the suburbs, the deputy and head of La Cámpora reappeared before many of them after the frustrated attack against his mother, Vice President Cristina Kirchner. The assassination attempt and electoral politics were part of the agenda of the day.

In Parque de Lomas, the barbecue, powered by Insaurralde, brought together mayors and officials who were community leaders, such as Insaurralde himself (on leave in Lomas) or the Minister of Social Development, John Zabaleta (on leave at Hurlingham). Among others present were Mariano Cascallares (deputy and quartermaster on license to Admiral Brown), Alberto Barefoot (Mayor of Ituzaingó) and Gustavo Menendez (owner of the Bapro Group and communal license chief in Merlo).

The guest list included two other national ministers with their own territory, such as Gabriel Katopodis (which did not attend because it had activities in the interior of the country) and Jorge Ferraresi, political referents of the districts of San Martín and Avellaneda. the senator Juliana Di Tulliothe lieutenant governor Veronica Magario and the provincial government minister, Cristina Alvarez RodriguezThey were at the meeting.

The protagonists of the meeting, revealed by the newspaper Clarion in its web edition, they sought to give it a private character, so they did not spread photos or elaborate on the issues that were discussed. as far as he could tell THE NATIONa political diagnosis was made and Máximo Kirchner referred to the attack against his mother. A source aware of what the deputy spoke pointed out that He hinted that he was moved and that he did not want to appear publicly after the fact.

Máximo Kirchner with mayors of the pj of Buenos Aires
Máximo Kirchner with mayors of the pj of Buenos Aires

“There was talk of politics and the current scenario. There will be many meetings of these, to organize and go for a walk. It is typical of the pre-electoral stage, ”said a source of Peronism in the suburbs.

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Politically, the head of La Cámpora called for unity and harangued to improve the electoral chances of the Frente de Todos, in the midst of an economic crisis that conspires against the expectations of the ruling party in 2023.

Máximo Kirchner paused his public political meetings after the attack on Cristina. The missed shot Fernando Sabag Montiel in front of the vice president’s face was on September 1 and, since that date, the head of La Cámpora only appeared in the session of Thursday of last week in the Chamber of Deputies. “It was like eating a barbecue with friends and they wanted to listen to it again after the attack,” a man close to one of the guests at Parque de Lomas told this newspaper. Days before the attack against Cristina, he had been at a union plenary session of the Metallurgical Workers’ Union (UOM) in Avellaneda.

Lomas de Zamora, the district that Insaurralde manages politically and that currently governs in his replacement Marina Lesci, was many times a meeting place for Máximo Kirchner, as his alliance with Loma consolidated. Even in a barbecue in that district in the south of the suburbs, Kirchner raised his anger with mayors whom he accused of “operating” against him in the media.

Last year, in the process that led to the assumption of Kirchner in the presidency of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party, Insaurralde was a key figure for the gear with the mayors, who in many cases looked with bad eyes on the son of the vice president as party leader .

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The resistance of the communal leaders gave way and made possible the arrival of the vice president’s son to the Buenos Aires party leadership. In parallel, his group, La Cámpora, added mayors from the suburbs to his harvest, with replacement mayors who took leave to assume national positions or to avoid the limitation of re-election that was in force for communal leaders until last December, when the Buenos Aires Legislature canceled.

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