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Although the journalist Melissa Martinez and the soccer player from Santa Fe, matias wed, they have not made their separation official, they leave more and more clues. The couple no longer follows each other on social networks, and the photographs they had together have been disappearing. He completely deleted the posts he had with her, while Melissa’s profile still has some memories of her.

The separation of the mediatic couple has been a scandal, after images of who would be the new girlfriend of the Uruguayan soccer player were released: a young journalist who worked with Santa Fe. The presenter has been seen in the last week enjoying with friends and he was at a Silvestre Dangond concert, singing his songs at the top of his voice.

The entertainment program, I Know Everything, was one of the first to put the “finger on the sore spot” and spoke at the time of the possible separation between Melissa and Matías. In the last few hours, the same outlet published a video after setting up the journalist, who was “hunted” for several days to ask about the rumors.

Lo Sé Todo approached Melissa at an event while recording some stories on Instagram and her annoyance was evident after the journalist’s insistence. “Meli, how is she in heart?”, they asked her. She was reluctant to answer and said: “You are I know everything, right? You have many sources and you can check, then I can find out what is happening in my life (…) You have all the information “, she said.

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Without a doubt, it was an uncomfortable moment for the presenter, who has avoided talking about it at all costs. At the insistence of the journalist from the entertainment program who chased her for several minutes to ask about Mier, Melissa was “rescued” by an organizer of the event she attended. Her gestures of annoyance were evident.

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