Migration and low wages decrease the number of postmen in the Sancti Spíritus postal company

The office of Cuban Post Office that offers services in what is known as Zone 1, in the main city of Sancti Spiritus, has been left with half of the postmen who usually worked on staff.

Migration and low wages have caused a decrease in the number of hired postmen and the entity has difficulties in offering its services in areas such as Reparto Escribano, Olivos III, Garaita, a part of Bayamo, Martí Norte, Remate and Brigadier Reeve streets. , as well as in the blocks near the referred postal unit.

As a consequence, according to the official newspaper Escambray, at the end of June, half of the 6,000 subscribers included in Zone 1 have been left without access to the services contracted with the company. Of 14 postmen on staff, Zone 1 now has half of the employees. The other half “caused leave for migratory reasons.”

The management of the company has made multiple attempts to hire new postmen, but cannot find people willing to work as postmen for a salary of 2,600 pesos per month. Other obstacles to hiring are the lack of working conditions such as bicycles, spare tires, means of protection such as capes and calculators.

The latter are essential for the postmen who offer the Door to Door service, through which pensioners cash their checkbook, pay for the telephone or electricity. Clients subscribed to these services in Sancti Spíritus have not been able to carry out any of these operations for three months.

According to Enrique Bernal Valdiviageneral director of the Post Office Company in the province, it is a temporary problem that only occurs in the Zone 1 Unit. For the manager, the obstacle to hiring is not salary compensation, since postmen can get other benefits that can raise your monthly payments up to 8,000 or 9,000 pesos.

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“Managements have been made at many levels, the problem is known by the Government and other institutions in the territory, to the point that we have requested forces from the Youth Labor Army to link them to that service, but the attempts have been in vain,” said Bernal. Valdivia. “Until the problem is resolved, they have the right to postpone the contract,” he said of the affected clients.

Housewives, the elderly, people with reduced mobility or those who care for the sick have been affected by the lack of postmen in the city of Sancti Spíritus, as a result of the migratory exodus that has worsened in Cuba in recent months.

Alejandro Garcia Pentondirector of the Zone 1 Unit, recognized Escambray that every week they go to the Municipal Directorate of Labor to propose vacancies, but the few applicants who apply do not meet some of the requirements that are demanded to work as postmen, among which are operations with large sums of money to pay retirees or collect from telephone and electricity users, for which the twelfth grade is required.

Created from a Royal Order dated August 26, 1754, regular mail services in Cuba flourished throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with the progressive incorporation of maritime routes, railways and air mail service.

In mid-June, the Cuban government dismissed the president of the Correos de Cuba company, Carlos Asencio Valerinoand instead named Paul Julio Pla Fairwho served as national director of the Youth Computer and Electronics Club.

Pla Feria is 51 years old and graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer and according to some people who knew him in Cuba, he is a good bet for Correos because he has enough capacity to manage the company’s current crisis.

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In international parcels alone, Cuban recipients had more than 160,000 packages at that time without receiving them due to organizational and control problems of the parcel companies.

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