Mikel Arriola opens the doors to the Eye of the Hawk in Liga MXMediotiempo

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The controversy generated by the move starring William Ochoa in the past National Classicin which it was impossible for the transmission cameras to ratify an alleged goal from Chivaswas a topic this afternoon during a conference given by the president of the MX League, Mikel Arriolawho accepted that it would be possible to implement Hawkeye’s technology.

The director pointed out that from the year 2021 the MX League it no longer depends financially on the clubs, so its financial health could open the doors to this technology, as long as the decision is in consensus with the Mexican Soccer Federation (FMF), on which the Arbitration Commission reports.

The possibility of funding technology from the Leagueto improve the product and decisions, it can always be done; For us, last year was the first year that the League was self-sufficient. We generate a remnant of resources; we are no longer financially dependent on the clubswe no longer cost the clubs”, ratified the manager, who had previously mentioned this achievement during his management.

This year we are going to close very well and all that remnant is from clubs, but for make smart investmentsif consensus is generated with the Federation that it is a smart investment this technologyof course we would implement it”.

Liga MX and Voit present the Pink Ball

The conference offered Arriola this Wednesday, September 21 at the facilities of the FMFwas to present the design of the ball with which the Final Phase of the Opening Tournament 2022 (October 8 and 9 with the Repechage): Voit Rose Tracer.

In this context, the IMSS Foundation announced the donation of 5 thousand mammograms in the places of Liga MX.

Our ball can be compared to any ball from any League in the World. Have the FIFA standard, (is) of great quality; To me, the truth is, it is the model that I like the most. Voit provides a great service to Mexican soccer”, said the president of the MX League.

Our alliance with Liga MX has always been more than socceris a union of forces to empower messages as important as the fight against Breast Cancer. We take advantage of the scope of football to make a call for prevention. Since 2006 we have developed the ball that represents this fight, this design being number 17″, pronounced Juan Carlos ElizondoCommercial Director of Voit.

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