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Alberto Gamero’s Millonarios continues to give people something to talk about, and not only in Bogotá but in stadiums throughout Colombia. Without a doubt, the ambassador team is one of the teams with the most fans in all corners of the country, and on this occasion, one or another fan was in Barranquilla. However, what surprised the most was the respect and the curious show of the followers of Junior himself who applauded the Bogota club at the Metropolitano at the end of the game.

Alberto Gamero has said on several occasions the importance in his team of gaining possession, and moving the ball from side to side to be able to reach the rival’s goal with speed. This was demonstrated against a Junior as a visitor, which allowed the local fans to applaud them.

Millonarios took advantage of the spaces that Junior de Barranquilla left him and in the blink of an eye, in a counterattack, the ambassador box kept the three points at the end of the game. An error at the start of the local team, left the defensive back very exposed, which went up to accompany in the last seconds.

Mario Sebastián Viera saved the shot from Carlos Andrés Gómez, figure of the match, and the rebound was caught between Diego Herazo and Jáder Valencia, the latter scoring the only goal of the victory. The concern was noted in Junior’s fans, who in fact took the opportunity to fire Millionaires with applause.

This generated curiosity in Barranquilla and in the followers of the different clubs. The networks appeared, and one of them was the user @mariladino76 who published, “a city like Barranquilla that in its history has seen good football, ends up applauding and recognizing the good football played by Millionaires in the championship. Chapó…for they!”.

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Respect above all for a Millionaires who again squandered their football with the ‘players’ like Daniel Ruiz, David Mackalister Silva and Carlos Andrés Gómez who put the team on their shoulders due to the losses of Andrés Llinás, Juan Pablo Vargas, Larry Vásquez and Alvaro Montero.

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