Minister Ávila explains new measures: it will not be possible to “force a child to remove the mask”

This Wednesday the Ministry of Health announced big changes in the sanitary protocolamong which the mandatory use of masks stands out only in health centersthat already The Mobility Pass will not be required and what do I know they will eliminate the capacity.

Following the announcement, the Ministry of Education also communicated modifications in its protocols for educational establishments, such as, for example, that Students may not be forced to wear masks.

The detail of the new regulations was explained by the Minister of Education Marco Antonio Avila in conversation with 24 hour channelinstance in which he assured that “andWe are in a different scenario from the pandemic“.

“Certainly we have been reaching very important vaccination thresholds: many children and adolescents with their vaccination schedules at least started (…) we are today over 90% of children between 6 and 17 years of age with their vaccines. That allows us to have and make decisions“, he asserted.

What will be the main measures?

As stated by the head of Education, the measures that will be applied to educational facilities will be for the nursery, basic and secondary educationthat is, the school system, thus excluding higher education.

The first measure to which he referred was the elimination of the mandatory use of masks. “That is a definition that establishments do not establish, but could perfectly well some fathers, mothers or main caregivers determine. For example, if you have an immunosuppressed son or daughter with a significant health challenge, continue to take care of yourself as usual,” she said.

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The second measure he emphasized is that They eliminate the capacity of all educational centers“therefore, there is no restriction regarding capacity. There is always a recommendation, as in public transport or in crowds (…) but it is not mandatory in any case“.

The third measure he highlighted is that switch to how to act against coronavirus outbreak. “If in a period of 7 days 3 cases are presented within a courseeither 7 cases within the establishmentit will be the director or director of the establishment who has to communicate to the respective Health Seremi, who will deliver recommendations on what protocol to follow “, he mentioned.

As a last measure, he explained that “the use of masks in school transport is eliminated”, adding that “the most important thing is ventilation. Today the good weather is coming and, therefore, keeping school vans ventilated is not a problem“.

Use of masks and its implication in the educational process

Minister Ávila also referred to the effects and obstacles what do they mean the use of masks in the classroom, and asserted that its elimination “is going to improve the type of interaction”.

“This (the use of a mask) got in the way many times not only in the learning process. In literacy, much is through imitation processes: for example, the positioning of the tongue and lips when learning to read and write“, he indicated.

To this he added that “if one thinks of any other activity of an educational nature (…) there is an important contact, an interaction that is established from the corporeality. This is not minor, when one thinks of the bond that must be established between professors and students”.

He also asserted that these measures are so that “we can recover full presence, which is one of the great challenges. We are in a campaign, a long time ago, to be able to improve what is called the ‘serious absence‘, which is when the children some days go and other days they don’t.

“We believe that this is already a good measure. Vaccination thresholds are known, so today families have to trust establishments. They can send their sons and daughters to schools. We need to get back to percentages that we had pre-pandemic,” she commented.

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Will it be possible to continue wearing a mask at school?

About what will happen to the students who want to continue using that elementClarified that “there is a will to thisand we think that probably many fathers, mothers and caregivers will not want to be worried, especially if they have children with some type of chronic pathology or are immunosuppressed”.

“A child who has a chronic illness probably needs to have that extra care all the time. And that’s why it’s going to be necessary for maybe continue using the mask because it protects them not only from this, but from other diseases“, he added.

“There is always a voluntary nature. What we teachers in schools could not do is forcing a child to remove the maskbecause maybe that child is going to feel violated in that space thinking that he decided, or his family decided, that he keep wearing a mask, “he said.

It should be noted that the Secretary of State clarified that an establishment will not be able to recommend the use of masks. “In general, educational establishments follow the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education, which in this case are those that emanate from the Ministry of Health. Therefore, they should not recommend,” he explained.

He exemplified that, in the case of a massive activity, such as a sports example, the use of a mask could be recommended, “but recommending the use of the mask for everyday life, from Monday to Friday during class hours, no, because we have already established that it is not mandatory“.

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Regarding the capacity, the head of Education mentioned that these will end.

“We already have absolute clarity that we can return to these more traditional school activities. There are still some important events to comes such as teacher’s day (…), end-of-year events, class outings, some of them are massive activities, where the recommendation is probably going to be that if there is a crowd, take care. Maybe there, alone in that space, occupy the mask“, he added.

But there is no capacity restriction in any case“, he sentenced.

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