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Despite the fact that a new opening phase was announced this Wednesday, which translates into a massive liberalization of restrictions due to covid-19, the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, emphasized that we must continue with self-care measures and that this “does not mean a free warbler”.

After the Ministry of Health announced that Chile will advance to the Opening Phase of the Step-by-Step Plan from October 1, the minister of the portfolio, Ximena Aguilera, stressed that the end of the restrictions: “Does not mean a free warbler.”

“The pandemic is not over, the one that defines the term of the pandemic is the World Health Organization. In this opening phase we are adapting to living with this virus, therefore, our measures have to be in accordance with this new coexistence that we have with the virus, ”said the Secretary of State at the press point.

Aguilera also indicated that “every week we are going to continue reporting on the situation at the national level and in each of the localities.”

In short, this update of measures for the pandemic means, first of all, that vaccination, with ambivalent immunization, will focus on risk groups and will be annual.

Of course, the mask will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, although it will only be recommended for all instances of crowding, such as transport and events.

health alert

The Minister of Health emphasized that the “health alert is not over, the health alert will be renewed until the end of the year, precisely because the international health emergency has not yet ended. We are entering a new phase of the plan, but we have not considered the pandemic closed.”

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“This is an always dynamic situation, that we are going to be attentive and alert. That we need people to continue with self-care, we need people who have respiratory symptoms to continue with the mask (…) that hand washing continue and that this culture that we have achieved (…) be maintained, “said Aguilera.

Finally, the health authority hopes that “they will contribute to good risk communication, so that although people are happy with the fact that some measures are liberalized, It does not mean that a free chipe is taking place here or anything like that, but rather that we have to continue taking care of ourselves.”

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