minute by minute of their match for the League

A first half without aim and a totally blurred second period frustrated Junior in his attempt to add a victory against Millonarios, who ended up winning 1-0 with a goal in agony, on Wednesday night at the Roberto Meléndez stadium, in Matchday 13 of League II.

Those directed by Julio Comesaña, who premiered at the Metropolitano in this tenth cycle at the club, ended up listening to the angry claims of his fans who, in other words, ask for more substance and dedication.

The initial stage was moved and exciting. The two teams went out to exchange blows, to play face to face, to measure forces without so many fears, without hiding, without wasting time.

Junior, despite some inaccuracies and hesitation when coming out from behind and making plays, especially with José Ortiz and César Haydar, manufactured the most clear scoring options, but Bacca, Sambueza and Pajoy wasted.

None of the three could take advantage of the surprising projections and poisonous centers of Wálmer Pacheco, Junior’s best offensive weapon.

When it wasn’t the lack of chalk in the guayos, Juanito Moreno appeared with his hands and feet drowning out the goal cry. The replacement for Álvaro Montero, who is in the Colombia team, was attentive and impervious.

He was very close to scoring the shark box. With a little more aim he would have sung one or two goals against a Millonarios who also had inaccuracies in the middle, but who scared Carlos Gómez and his starts and feints on the right.

With Daniel Ruiz inconsequential making failed taquitos and letting the ball escape, Gómez was clearly the most unbalanced and dangerous visitor.

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In any case, the rojiblancos suffered more in the midst of some stutters and lack of confidence to get the ball.

From the technical line, coach Julio Comesaña desperately warned them to calm down and touch the ball more judiciously and safely.

When Junior circulated the ball calmly and accurately, Pacheco suddenly appeared giving depth to the team.

Sambueza, who was very active, and Hinestroza, from his lateral position, also connected from the left and caused several approaches without a happy ending.

Junior, moreover, lacked tact that the referee Éder Vergara did not rush to cut him off from a clear scoring situation by sanctioning a penalty that the VAR reversed later when Bacca was about to execute. An incredible piece of paper from the Cordovan central judge.

With the feeling that Junior should have finished with an advantage on the scoreboard, the first period ended.

Already in the second half, when Junior was expected to improve and be more effective, his football began to deflate. Pajoy and Sambueza went out and Julio Comesaña took too long to replace them.

In general, the entire team moved exhausted, scattered and without ideas. Instead of growing, his performance decreased and he relapsed into insecurities when going out.

The blunders were so recurrent that Viera chose to take long. Haydar, very timely and intuitive in advances, missed the escape route.

Millionaires tightened the nuts in the rear area and worked quietly in the second half. Moreno, who had dirty and sweaty tracksuit in the first half, relaxed and watched as Carlos Gómez continued to cause problems in the local area and approached three times with an imminent risk of scoring.

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In the last one, in the throes of the match, he escaped from midfield and defined against Viera, who rejected the ball. The rebound was left to Herazo, who failed slipping, but not Johan Valencia who scored. The referee annulled the action due to an alleged misplacement that did not really exist, and the VAR validated the goal that further inflamed the spirits of the red and white fans.

The late arrivals of Cetré, Albornoz and Yesus Cabrera were of no use. He did not find any more attack formulas for Junior and he left chewing the bitterness of a defeat that entangles the mission of recovering lost ground and achieving classification.

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