Mipyme from Mayabeque produces and markets buffalo milk derivatives (+Video)

Yogurt is one of the derivatives produced and marketed by mipymes. Photo: Cubavision International.

The Lácteos Rojas microenterprise, the first of its kind in Cuba, is a venture that began in 2020 as a local development project. Then it would become an experiment for dairy mipymes, among 35 selected in the country.

Located in the Güines municipality, in the Mayabeque province, the company markets products derived from buffalo milk, such as ice cream, yogurt and cheese.

In addition to these derivatives, it intends to incorporate a new production of probiotic yogurt, aimed especially at vulnerable people and children and the elderly in the community, for which it is linking the Institute of Animal Science (ICA) and the National Center for Agricultural Health (Census).

Roberto Rojas Fernández, sole partner of the mipyme, explains that part of the products that are made are sold directly to the Mincin and another percent is marketed directly to the town, which has given a very good reception to the derivatives.

Productive linkages provide entrepreneurs with the availability of technologies, as well as the acquisition of buffalo milk and natural and tropical fruit pulp, for the preparation of assortments.

“Based on the availability of the fruit harvest, we take advantage of it to keep it in a chain with a mini-industry, so that we can also have it depending on the development at a time when the fruit does not grow,” explains Rojas Fernández.

Producing from within is the motto of his family. In less than a year as private entrepreneurs, they have achieved part of their purposes, among them, having a favorable impact on the lives of the inhabitants of Güines.

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In video, get to know Lácteos Rojas

(With information from Cubavision International)

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