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Since it was announced that manager Tony La Russa would be out indefinitely, The White Sox have won 13 of 20 games under interim manager Miguel Cairo, inserting themselves into the MLB Playoffs landscape.

Before that, the White Sox were underperforming. Their record was 63-65, third in the American League Central, and they were considered underachievers in a winnable division.

Cairo didn’t have time to prepare for an unexpected assignment, but he handled it smoothly.. “It’s hard to say we’re playing well because of Miguel when this is a player-focused sport, and these guys understand where we are in the season. These guys decided to come together and really contribute. Miguel has created the atmosphere that allows for this to happen; it’s not drowning them out or getting in their way. That’s been good for everyone,” coach Shelley Duncan said.

they want it back

However, numerous questionable management decisions by La Russa have held the team back. Fortunately, Cairo has sparked off Chicago’s South Side, leaving the team’s owners with a difficult decision to make.

According to reports from The Athletic portal, last weekend in Oakland, Cairo ran into Reds executive Walt Jockett, a man who has long intended for the 48-year-old Venezuelan to lead his team sometime. day. Jocketty was the one who brought in Cairo as a special assistant when he was still the club’s general manager.

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Cairo has the White Sox between a rock and a hard place, but what is clear is that the Venezuelan has suitors and has shown that he is ready for the managerial position in any of the Major League organizations.

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