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20:21 | Chiclayo, set. twenty-one.

The Lambayeque region reports to date 13 autochthonous cases and one imported case of monkeypox, reported the Regional Health Management of this jurisdiction.

The last three cases correspond to males aged 19, 27 and 31 from the districts of Chiclayo, José Leonardo Ortiz and Lambayeque, respectively.

The first two of these cases have no travel history, while the third traveled through Trujillo (La Libertad).

The health status of the patients is stable, with favorable recovery at home and under the supervision of health personnel.

It was reported that the Regional Health Management has sent a total of 86 samples to the National Institute of Health (INS), of which 14 are positive for monkeypox and 67 negative. The result of 5 samples is expected.

The authorities recommended that people continue to maintain protection and prevention measures to cut the chain of transmission, especially those who assist positive patients: frequent hand washing, correct use of the mask and proper management of bedding and the patient’s environment.

Epidemiological fence

The Lambayeque Regional Health Management continues to reinforce the epidemiological fences, as well as the search and monitoring of direct contacts. In addition, training for health personnel and awareness campaigns aimed at the population are promoted.

In the face of any symptoms, such as fever, low back pain, swollen glandssevere headache, muscle pain, intense fatigue and skin rashes—do not self-medicate and go to the nearest health facility.

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Posted: 9/21/2022

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