More rains this weekend in the Canary Islands associated with a possible tropical cyclone

Rain episode in Gran Canaria. / arcadio suarez

Experts monitor a tropical wave, which could lead to a cyclone, and its possible effects on the islands

The probability of rain this weekend in the Canary Islands increases. This follows from the current meteorological models, according to the delegate of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Canary Islands, David Suárez, to CANARIAS7.

The truth is that from the AEMET and the National Hurricane Center of the United States they monitor a tropical wave that is heading towards the west coast of Africa and that
could lead to a tropical cyclone which, in turn, could have effects on the archipelago.

At this time, Suárez details,
the probability that the wave will become a cyclone is 50%, because the environmental conditions are favorable for its formation. However, until it is listed as such and given a name, the National Hurricane Center does not share its possible trajectory.

Although, it clarifies that cyclones are classified by the intensity of the surface wind and that, at the moment, the surface wind is not very intense.

At this point, the expert insists that there is “a lot of uncertainty in the cyclone formation process”, alluding to the fact that it is still early to predict its possible effects and trajectory.

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Rains in the Canary Islands this weekend

What the models do reveal today is that the probability of it raining in the archipelago during the weekend increases, especially from the last hours of the
Saturday September 24, Sunday 25 and Monday 26.

According to the AEMET delegate, different cloud bands associated with this possible cyclone are observed, which are the ones that would leave
widespread rainfall on the islands, unlike what happened last weekend, when the rain fell in a localized manner, that is, in specific areas. Thus, the cloud bands would enter from the south sweeping the archipelago from south to north.

Locally moderate rain is expected on Saturday, which may be heavier on Sunday. Despite this,
the heat and the sensation of embarrassment will persist. Very strong gusts of wind on summits are not ruled out either.

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