More than 23% of iPhones have updated to iOS 16

Users have liked iOS 16 more than iOS 16, at least they are installing it much faster on their iPhone.

More than 23% of iPhones have updated to iOS 16

The data indicates that iOS 16 likes more than iOS 15, or at least users are installing it faster on their iPhone than they did last year. It really makes sense as iOS 16 comes with more exciting new features, including a new fully customizable lock screen.

According to the data collected by the analysis company mix paneljust nine days after its official launch, iOS 16 is installed on approximately 23.26 percent of iPhones From the market. Last year, 10 days after launch, iOS 15 was only installed in 19.3 percent of iPhones.

iPhone iOS 16

iOS 16 brings a lot of great changes to iPhone and users are updating very fast

That is, in less time iOS 16 has exceeded the share of iOS 15, which is very good news. It is true that last year many iPhone users seemed more reluctant to upgrade due to some initial iOS 15 bugsand although in iOS 16 we have some battery bugs or that slow down the iPhone, they have not been that serious.

The share of iOS 16 exceeds that of iOS 15 in less time

It should also be noted that, while iOS 15 was compatible with the same devices as iOS 14in iOS 16 we have had important changes. Not all iPhones with iOS 15 can update to iOS 16, leaving important models of the company behind.

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According to data from mix panel, iOS 16 is now 23.26 percent installed of iPhones, while iOS 15 maintains 66.96 percent of fee. Meanwhile, 9.77 percent of the remaining devices are still running an older version of iOS.

Mix panel data

According to Mixpanel data, iOS 16 already exceeds 23% of the install rate

It should be noted that the data from mix panel come from visits to websites and apps that use the Analytics SDK mix panel, so the numbers fluctuate and are not official. Though traditionally they have always been equal to those offered by Apple. For example, using the data from visits to iPadizate, 45% of users already visit us since iOS 16.

Apple usually offers us official update data when a month passes from the release of a new version of iOS. They are undoubtedly interesting data for developers, although on iOS they are quite consistent.

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Before the release of iOS 16, 90% of users had iOS 15 installed, which shows that refresh rates on Apple devices are very high. We will see when Apple offers the official data.

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