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Four students from the “Antonio Caso” secondary school, in the municipality of Cuautla, Morelos, were infected with the Coxsackie virus (a virus that lives in the digestive system), for which they suspended classes on campus until next Monday, to avoid a higher number of shoots.

Parents alerted very early about the cases, so they informed the school director to notify the health sector and timely actions will be taken to avoid further infections.

Based on information from the Secretary of Health of the State Government, there are four second and third grade students who have a confirmatory diagnosis from private clinics at coxsackie virus and a probable case of dengue not serious

In this sense, authorities of the Health Services in Morelos explained that the disease of the hands, feet and mouth, caused by the coxsackie virus, mainly affects children under five years of age, causing mouth sores Y rash; however, anyone can get it as it is highly contagious.

Patients are at home and their health status will be monitored, in addition, informative and preventive actions will be disseminated in the educational establishment,

Likewise, specialists explained that the virus can be present in secretions from the nose, saliva, mucus and in the liquid of the blisters; spread by cough, sneezing, direct contact with the sick person, through feces; contact with contaminated objects, such as toys, cutlery, etc., so hygiene measures must be strengthened at all times.

Salud Morelos recommended maintaining prevention measures already known since the COVID-19 pandemic, such as washing hands with soap and water, or using 70 percent alcohol gel, avoiding kissing greetings, practicing etiquette sneezing.

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In case of presenting symptoms such as: fever, malaise and sore throat, immediately take the minor for a check-up and do not self-medicate him, immediately notify the situation in the places where he has attended; In addition, the SSM made the platform available to the population for more information on this disease.

The Institute of Basic Education of the State of Morelos (IEBEM) elaborated that between the campus management and the school’s Health Committee, it was agreed as a preventive measure the temporary change from school activities to virtual modality in the groups where the cases were registered, for the rest of the week; while the other students will continue their activities in person.

In this context, IEBEM authorities recalled that all schools have the Sufficient health supplies such as antibacterial gel, soap and chlorine, in order to keep them as safe spaces for students.

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