Moscow flights to five countries sold out after Putin’s announcement

The data from Google Trends They have registered this Wednesday morning – and after the announcement of the partial mobilization of the Russian population towards war – an increase in searches for Aviasales, the most popular web portal in Russia to buy flights.

Direct flights from Moscow to istanbul (Turkey) already Yerevan (in Armenia), sold out this Wednesday, according to data collected by Reuters. The Moscow Times newspaper reports that flights from the Russian capital to the Georgian capital have also been sold out, Tbilisi. “They were not available a few minutes after Putin’s announcement,” says the Moscow media.

The Russian economic newspaper RBC adds two other sold-out destinations for this Wednesday and this Thursday: Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and baku (Azerbaijan). Some of these destinations do not require a visa for Russian citizens. According to the Turkish Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines and Armenia Aircompany search engines, there were no flights for a few days or only in Business class.

At noon direct flights to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Y Kyrgyzstan they also disappeared from aggregators like

According to the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova, there are currently no restrictions on Russians leaving the country due to partial mobilization. “I get a lot of questions about going abroad in conditions of partial mobilization. According to our information, at the moment there are no restrictions on traveling abroad,” he wrote on his official Telegram channel.

According to our information, at the moment there are no restrictions on traveling abroad

He indicated that “we must wait for the pertinent official clarifications. We have requested this information. We will promptly inform you of any changes,” he added.

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Russian Nuclear Deployment

The measure, which comes into force this Wednesday, affects experienced reservists, about 300,000 men. The first mobilized will be reserve non-commissioned officers under the age of 35 and officers under the age of 45, according to Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Defense Committee of the Duma or chamber of deputies.

Likewise, Putin has warned those countries that carry out “nuclear blackmail” against Moscow that “the wind could blow in their direction”, while denouncing that “the objective of the West is to weaken, divide and finally destroy” Russia . He has threatened that he would use “all available means”. “I’m not lying”, he has alerted him.

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