Natalia Oreiro’s praise for Pablo Echarri in Who is the Mask?: “The years do not pass”

The businesswoman assumed that behind the mask there is a soap opera heartthrob, and she cheated on the driver

On Tuesday night, investigators from Who is the Mask? they were once again faced with the task of discovering the celebrity that lies beneath the disguise. One of those who has been advancing steadily is Olaf the viking, which although he has already sung several times, continues to baffle everyone with his tracks. While he tried to be guided by the artist’s voice, Wanda Nara slipped the possibility that it was Paul Echarriand threw a hint to Natalia Oreiroby their past as a couple more than 20 years ago.

Robert Moldavsky He was the first to speak, and based on his intuition to affirm that it is an actor who also ventures into the world of music as a singer: Tomás Fonzi. Then it was the businesswoman’s turn, and it did not coincide with the comedian, mainly because he assumes that he is someone older: “For me he is someone older, and he is a gallant of the novels”. With complicity, the media concluded: “I heard her voice and I was transported to the novels; you are also going to transport yourself, Natalia, surely, when you say your name: for me down there is Pablo Echarri”.

Amazed, the actress took the mysterious participant’s hand and asked him: “Are you Pablo Echarri? Is that why you spoke everything like that, like whispering? Pablo, is it you and you didn’t tell me anything?”. Using the distortion effect to speak, Olaf simply reminded her: “I can’t say anything, Natalia.” Laughing, Oreiro was incredulous at Wanda’s statement. “But I should have recognized you!” She assured, while Lizy Tagliani He contributed that the “scratchy” voice could well be that of the actor.

Natalia Oreiro and Pablo Echarri were a couple from 1994 to 2000, when they whitened their separation
Natalia Oreiro and Pablo Echarri were a couple from 1994 to 2000, when they whitened their separation

“I don’t know, I’m not going to get into the opinion of our investigators because they are the ones who know. It could be that Pablo is”, Said the driver, leaving the door open to surprise. Zaira Nara’s sister insisted that she notes several similarities, and although little can be seen of who’s body is under her mask, because of her costume, she commented: “To me she physically looks alike.”

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“I don’t know, that’s where it changed a lot. She dropped like 50 centimeters in height then! ”, Questioned Natalia. And Wanda replied: “The years pass for everyone, that’s why she stooped.” In honor of the love and good relationship that has remained since they separated in 2000, Oreiro praised his ex-partner: “No, but for Pablo they don’t happen. How is he going to slouch? If he is young”.

It should be remembered that the courtship began in 1994, when Oreiro was 18 years old, and Echarri 25: love had knocked on the door of the budding actors and they lived a passionate romance for six years. At that time they gave some interviews, and claimed that they spent “23 hours and 55 minutes” of the day together, although they did not bet on coexistence so as not to saturate the bond. “Unfortunately ours was all very public, and they begin to invent things that have nothing to do with what happened. As in any couple, love is over”, explained the Uruguayan actress when asked the reason for the breakup.

At the time, Nancy Dupláa cleared up all the rumors of a rivalry with Natalia in a dialogue with the magazine Pronto: “Of course I would have no problem if they worked together.. The truth is that the job opportunity was never given and yet we are talking about that. And besides, 20 years passed!” He also praised his colleague, and assured that Echarri has good memories of the relationship: “We crossed paths three or four times and She was always very loving with me and I also with her. There is not once that Pablo has spoken ill of Natalia to me. He never said anything bad about her, on the contrary, he always speaks with great affection. It was a beautiful love that one day ceased to exist.

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