News Portal Universidad del Bío-Bío Center for Exact Sciences successfully held a talk and workshop “Cosmology and particles”


With an interesting informative talk and a three-day workshop (September 12, 13 and 14), the Center for Exact Sciences of the University of Bío-Bío sought to promote collaboration and scientific discussion, as well as bring science closer to the university community and external.

“The dark side of the universe” was called the main talk by the academic of the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Antonella Cid Muñoz, who has cosmology as a research area and is a member of the Center for Exact Sciences. Regarding the workshop “Cosmology and Particles 2022”, already in its third version, it was organized by the Center and directed by Dr. Carlos Reyes Martínez.

The dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Juan Carlos Marín, emphasized that as a Faculty they congratulate the realization of this type of activities, which, in addition to having a technical perspective, are aimed at the community in general.

The main objective of the workshop was to bring together national and international scientists in the area of ​​high energy physics, gravitation and cosmology, explained Dr. Carlos Reyes, in order to discuss our studies and new research.

Likewise, the academic from the Department of Basic Sciences maintained that these activities encourage the development and encouragement of collaboration and scientific discussion, and in some way return to face-to-face activities after a pandemic that greatly inhibited our usual activity. Meanwhile, “the informative talk reinforces our objectives as a Center in the context of dissemination, extension and connection,” he added.

The doctor in Physical Sciences, Antonella Cid, addressed in her exhibition and in a very playful way what the universe is, how it can be studied, what the cosmological scale is and how gravity works in space, among others. Cosmology, explained the academic UBB, is concerned with grounding all the mathematical or physical models that we may have and contrast these models with observational data, which tell us that the universe has three dimensions as far as we know with the available data.

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It is important to note that the Center for Exact Sciences of the UBB carries out fundamental research and links with other universities and national and international centers with the aim of generating new knowledge.



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