No agreement: tire unionists took a flat and camped in a headquarters of the Ministry of Labor

After a new meeting, in which there was no agreement, workers from the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (Sutna) took a flat and camped inside one of the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor in the city of Buenos Aires.

According to the trade unionists, from the Labor headquarters in Callao to 100, they would carry out the force measure before the “attempt to close the parity by decree.”

Due to the protest, traffic is completely interrupted on Callao avenue between Miter and Perón.

Meanwhile, from the Labor portfolio they confirmed to LA NACION that the unionists of Sutna decided to take the fourth floor of the Ministry headquarters after rejecting a new proposal from the employers and they will stay there all night.

The sources consulted recalled that they have already held more than 20 meetings between the parties, with the intermediation of Labor, and that the positions did not approach. In addition, they detailed that the workers who are in the annex of the portfolio commanded by Claudio Moroni will not be evicted.

The joint conflict between Sutna and the businessmen of the sector has been going on for several months.

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