Nubank credit card would have change in Colombia: will it be the envy of the banks?

Some details of the coming change were announced by David Vélez, CEO of Nubank, who praised that more than 1.9 million people have already applied for Un’s credit card and more than 300,000 are already using it in Colombia.

As explained by the young tycoon, who is one of the Colombian billionaires on the Forbes list, by becoming a financing company, Nu’s next step with its services would be a change that would further move the banking market in Colombia: offering savings accounts.

“The clearest product, which is still very much lacking and our clients ask us a lot, is the savings product, which was the same evolution that we followed in Brazil,” explained Vélez, quoted by La República.

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CEO of the multinational also explained that they are currently working to have a better product and offer it to the almost 2 million customers who have been interested in being in Nu. Regarding when the savings accounts will begin to offer, Vélez does not give an exact date, but clarifies that before that they could offer other products.

“Others may come before because there are some obstacles in terms of licensing that we are working on, but it is possible that it will be among those,” he told the same newspaper.

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Nubank credit card in Colombia: news and changes that will come

One of the novelties with which The Nu credit card arrived in Colombia is a promise of transparency with its users. Along these lines, a few days ago he reported that he raised his interest rates for purchases and different services with that plastic.

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The argument provided by the company for this rise is the macroeconomic situation, but it assures that This is “within the legal framework and what is established by the Colombian market.” The company also emphasized that it understands the frustration of its users and the impact that these changes can have, quotes La W.

Despite this, he insisted that he will maintain the handling fee at zero pesos.

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