Olona pressures Abascal to return to politics and criticizes that he put her as a “parachutist” in Andalusia

The former candidate for the Andalusian Parliament for Vox, Macarena Olona, ​​”does not believe” that there is a crisis in the far-right formation in which she has something to do. “I don’t think there is a crisis in Vox. I am not aware of it, so I cannot consider that I have caused a crisis, ”she responded in an interview with the ABC newspaper.

Olona threatens to unleash the first major crisis in Vox

Olona threatens to unleash the first major crisis in Vox

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After Santiago Abascal declared that “he could not explain” what happened to his former candidate for Andalusia, Olona insisted that a meeting between the two must take place. “That face-to-face conversation in which of course we will have to see if we can continue walking together, through Andalusia and through Spain”, he stressed about his political future, to add that “he does not conceive” another result other than “continuing hand”.

Precisely, regarding Andalusia, she has indicated that she “did what she could” and gave “the best” of herself in the face of the elections that were held last June, to which she arrived as a “parachutist candidate”: “In just Two weeks of campaigning I had to do something that I think was an impossible task to execute”, Olona has reproached, who has assured that Abascal “is very clear that he does not give him any pulse” to return to politics.

Asked if she disobeyed orders that she should not dress “so regularly” in flamenco in the Andalusian campaign, where she appeared like that at the fair in April or in Jerez, Olona has claimed that “some are making a lot of mistakes, breaking the unity that characterized Vox against other political formations” and that it will not enter to demonstrate “that this information is false.” “The only thing I can say is that I am thinking about the project that is Spain, for which right now only Vox represents a valid instrument”.

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“Lack of internal democracy”

The former Vox candidate has thus said that if she were to turn around, she does not conceive that it would be “betraying” Andalusia, although she has not specified the formula. Olona has denied the voices that claim that she wants to be a candidate for mayor of Granada and although she has added that she has “a decision made”, she has stated that she is not going to make it known “out of respect for Santi”, who will be the one know first. “I cannot deny that it can be interpreted that I am launching the possibility of returning to the political front line,” she has expressed.

Finally, in the interview they have also referred to their meetings with former members of Vox who left the party: “I always hear the same words: lack of internal democracy, and the treatment, when the voice is raised, by the organization of the party… is not considered to be treated with respect.” The former candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía assures that these former colleagues “are extraordinary people” and that “it can” be reintegrated into the far-right formation: “To be an alternative, a party can never be exclusive (…) I don’t lose hope of being able to bring together all those people who have missed each other for reasons unrelated to their love for Spain”.

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