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Bored with the insults against her husband, Paula Pavic came out to defend Marcelo Chino Rios of the negative comments that he receives as daily bread and he stopped the cars of his detractors who annoy him for his political position and rub it in his face that he would not have studied, for which he pointed out that he did not need to heat up his mate, because “He has a master’s degree in results” and a lot of “discipline,” he wrote on his Instagram.

“Some people have wondered (trying to denigrate him) if he finished school (which he did) but beyond that he did not need to study more to achieve his goal,” he clarified to the usual haters.

In addition, she added “he has a master’s degree in results and now more than ever I want him to show me the way, because I also want to have the discipline to achieve my results,” she said proudly of the former tennis player, who reached number one in the world and has been in the eye of the hurricane after being the visible face of Rejection.

The break of the Chinese

The story of Marcelo Ríos as coach of the promising Chinese tennis player Juncheng Shang had an abrupt end and despite the good results, it came to an end, as he explained to La Tercera.

“I think this was a father’s decision. It wasn’t Jerry’s decision. Besides, the mom and dad hold each other all day and that hurts the asshole. I don’t know what the hell they’re going to talk about, but I know the mom was very happy. I told Jerry that I didn’t know him very well and to my dad that he couldn’t be fighting all day. He gets out of his mind, starts screaming or goes to hell. It is a very difficult culture. It’s super difficult to live with them, I’m not giving an excuse for anything, but let them kick me out and tell me ‘we did the first four rounds, shit’. But the guy made two finals and he’s 190. So, by results they can’t egg. But it’s the same. It doesn’t influence me. I tell you the truth: he was not having a good time with the old man, ”he said.

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