Petro is removing him from facing Maduro: “It is not on the agenda”

During his visit to New York, after the strong intervention in his speech at the UNthe president of the Colombians He denied that the face to face with his Venezuelan counterpart is going to happen soon.

Going out to the different versions that pointed to a close bilateral meeting on September 26, the president maintained that He does not plan to meet Nicolás Maduro in the short term.

That, with everything and the fact that the latest speculation on the subject had come from his own Minister of Transportation, Gustavo Reyes, who was in Caracas on Tuesday, September 20, meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, Ramón Velásquez, supposedly, to finalize meeting details.

The official said at the time that several important aspects had been considered, such as the schedule that will be available so that vehicles and pedestrians can cross from one side to another.

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With the reopening of the border with Venezuela it is very close, Petro participated in the forum ‘Latin America, the United States and Spain in the global economy‘, advanced by El País, and there they asked him about the relations between the two countries.

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Gustavo Petro denies early meeting with Nicolás Maduro

Precisely, Jan Martínez-Ahrens, director of El País América, did not miss the opportunity to inquire about the possible meeting, and Petro dismissed it.

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“Nope. That is not on the agenda at this time,” the president emphasized.

This is the exact moment in which Petro says that, for now, he will not see Maduro:

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