Petro’s explosive statement

President Gustavo Petro assured this Wednesday, from New York, that the discussion around the human rights violations in other territories, as in Venezuela, it is complex to approach from Colombia because of what has been presented in national territory, according to him, with the consent of the State itself.

He even explicitly assured that the previous administration – headed by the now former president Iván Duque – allowed what he described as murder of at least 100 people who went out to protest during the days that were known in 2021 as a national strike.

“A year ago the Colombian State killed 100 young people for going out to demonstrate. The Esmad shot directly at the eyes, etc., the same as in Chile. What is the difference? ”, assured Petro when asked about the report revealed by the United Nations and which confirmed that the Nicolás Maduro regime is complicit in actions that violate human rights against people who oppose his mandate.

And, immediately afterwards, the Head of State added that “Colombia has a somewhat difficult situation because almost a competition is established between who violates the most human rights.”

That was one of the most controversial issues that former President Duque experienced at the end of his administration, because he always defended the actions of the Public Force in the confrontations between Esmad and the protesters, and he described the cases of undue aggression against civilians as as isolates. In fact, he asked that they be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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However, independent and international observers, such as the United Nations itself assured that there were cases of excessive force against civilians and that, as a result of these actions, deaths did occur during the national strike in Colombia. In any case, internally, the Prosecutor’s Office is still investigating the complaints that were registered in this regard.

These statements by Petro were given during the forum called “Latin America, the United States and Spain in the Global Economy.”

In this scenario, he also reiterated that he will formally ask Maduro to allow Venezuela to return to the Inter-American Human Rights System, to which, he said, he himself owes being president of Colombia.

“The government that I lead is going to bet heavily on the greatest respect for human rights”, emphasized the president.

This Wednesday, in any case, he will have his first face-to-face meeting with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, whose government he assured is more open to taking the binational relationship to other aspects, such as rethinking the fight against drugs and the defense of the Amazon Rainforest as a bastion to face climate change.

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