Pierluisi hopes to receive “today or tomorrow” endorsement of Joe Biden’s request for a major disaster declaration

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The governor Peter Pierluisi He was confident this Wednesday that he will receive “today or tomorrow” a response from the federal government on the request for a major disaster declaration that he made yesterday to the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

On the possibility that the vice president kamala harris visit Puerto Rico, indicated that he has not received confirmation.

“I do anticipate that I will have communication with the president of the United States in the coming days, that is being planned. That is what I can say. So, visits from congressmen (are) welcome, that is excellent that it happens. Yesterday the resident commissioner (Jennifer Gonzalez) contacted me last night to alert me that visits may occur, “he added.

On the other hand, Pierluisi reported that today they would be serving the needs of 12 isolated communities in different parts of Puerto Rico.

At the press conference, the governor was accompanied by the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, for its acronym in English), Deanne Criswell. In English, without a translator for citizenship at first, the federal official assured Puerto Ricans that “they are not alone in this recovery.”

Pierluisi added that damage assessments have begun, including multiple sites with ongoing projects that were damaged by Fiona. He commented that the plan is to modify “the scope of work” of those impacted projects, with the approval of FEMA, so that “they are prioritized and brought to a successful conclusion.”

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Recovery details

At the moment, 58% of the clients of the Water and sewage Authority (AAA) have drinking water service, which represents some 741,000 customers.

“We have continued to recover, particularly with all the intakes and dams that were practically flooded with all the currents. We are still carrying out cleaning work on access to dams and some of our plants,” he explained. Doriel Paganexecutive president of the public corporation.

As for collective transport, the secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) Eileen Velez, reported that collective transport resumed operations, including the AMA and the Urban Train. In addition, four Cesco’s are operating: Ponce, Humacao, Caguas and Carolina.

LUMA Energy He specified that 395,206 customers currently have electricity service. This means that more than a million customers remain in the dark.

While, kid leash, NMEAD commissioner, explained that the situations of isolated communities continue. Among the affected towns are Salinas, Moca, Villalba, Jayuya, Yauco, Orocovis, Juana Díaz and Utuado. In the latter, about 50 families are incommunicado in one sector.

“The important thing here is that we know where there may be affected families who cannot move, and in that sense we coordinate with non-profit entities, churches, together with municipalities, to bring them food, water, medicines,” he stressed. Belt. “We are still in the process of responding.”

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