Real Madrid: Vinicius, so calm

Noise doesn’t bother him the least. Vinicius Junior He has shown it since he arrived at Real Madrid with 18 years old and found himself in a difficult environment and even far from the dream situation in sports, having to play for Castilla. At first got a bit overwhelmed by the criticism and some ridicule received, but feeling supported at all times by the leaders of the Madrid entity, his response was the same: “Work, fight and look at the horizon.” And with that faith he has managed to convince everyone.

What happened in the last week hasn’t upset him in the least.. He only asked for the basic respect that every human being needs to feel and more so when you are a public figure. Suddenly, he was at the center of a movement in support of his person and needed to hit the table to claim respect.

With the video I wasn’t looking for anything else. Nothing else. From that moment on, football has been and is what worries him. He knows what has been generated, but he no longer has any intention of participating in it.

Vinicius stands up to racism

Just think about the selection

Vinicius Junior is focused with his team preparing the match friendly to play against Ghana in Le Havre on Friday the 23rd. He looks at the World Cup, but he doesn’t forget his team. it’s so calm, oblivious to the noise that is taking place around his name. The Real Madrid footballer is surrounded by histhe same ones who supported him on social networks during the weekend and those who have known him since he was a child when he knocked down all the walls with his football.

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Florentine’s visit

On Saturday he received a visit from Florentino Pérez in Valdebebas. preview of important day and at his side was the president of Real Madrid to transmit that absolute trust of the entity, the one that he has received and has since the first day and that has proven right to those who bet on him. It has not been easy, but precisely that character is what has led him to be on top.

In the sports aspect they have asked him, he has also endorsed it, to remain the same, cheerful, perseveringbut try flee from extreme situations and confrontations with rivals. Ancelotti asks him for calm, silence and to speak with the ball, not with gestures.

The World Cup is right next door. He knows the importance of these two gamesof what the World Cup represents for his country and seeks peace of mind in pursuit of that goal.

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