Reconciliation? They reveal alleged letter that Meghan sent to King Charles III

the funeral of the Queen isabel II made it clear that the royal family’s relations with the prince henry and his wife Megan they stay tense. From the disinvitation to the reception offered by King Carlos III to those invited to the ceremony to the impossibility of the Duke of Sussex of wearing a military uniform during the funeral procession, the estrangement was visible.

However, according to Neil Sean, a correspondent for NBCnews, Meghan would be trying to put an end to that situation. Citing a “very good source”, the journalist pointed out that the former actress would have a letter requesting a private meeting with the king.

The reason? According to Sean, the Duchess of Sussex wants “a fresh start” in the relationship, which fractured when Meghan and Harry decided to give up their royal duties and move to California, a scandal now known as Megxit.

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Meghan would seek with the meeting to smooth out rough edges and a rapprochement with the royal family, hit by the death, on September 8, of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, Sean noted, on his YouTube channel Youtubethat it is not clear if Meghan’s plan will work.

British media point out that for the royal family, she is responsible for the estrangement of Enrique, son of the monarch, with the family. An apparent argument between the Duke of Sussex and his father was recently reported over the latter’s decision not to allow the couple’s children, Archie and Lilibeth, to bear the title of His Royal Highness.

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The royal family does not forget, either, the interview that Meghan and Enrique gave to Oprah Winfrey, where they denounced that when she was expecting Archie, someone in the family asked if the baby would not turn out “dark” because of her skin color, and that he even thought of taking his own life.

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