Report: UEFA eyes tournament with Champions League champion and MLS winner

The mls would be close to making an important leap at the international levelthis because the UEFA is considering American competition clubs to be part of a new tournament in which contemplate the winner of North American football together with the three great champions of European competitions.

According to information from Press Association and the Daily Mail, the highest body in European football is in discussions to replace the Super Cup that faces the champion of the Champions League and Europa League.

This new format would include four teams, being the Champion of the Champions League, as well as the winners of the Europa League and Conference addition to the current monarch of the MLS, the guests to be part of this new contest that would be held in the summer.

Also lThe aforementioned media indicate that the MLS became the main candidate to form this new competition due to the growth that the American competition has had for football in Europe.

Although recently Aleksander Ceferin made it clear that the Champions League would not leave Europethere is a possibility that Starting in 2024, this new tournament is implemented, which includes the MLS as an option to generate more income. by attracting a new audience.

UEFA is also looking for a show for this new event

The same way, Press Association revealed that Sources close to the organization revealed that the plans include holding the home run on a specific weekend during the summer, in addition to having musical performances at halftime of the matches. just as it is done in the Super Bowl and at the start of the Champions League finals.

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It is expected that the meetings between the General Assembly of the Association of European Clubs continue in the coming days to discuss the idea of ​​renewing this event, which would be a great attraction worldwide and especially for the US market.

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