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Take note. Today, Wednesday, September 21, a new edition of the ‘Manizales Lottery‘ in the country, so pay attention to the information we have collected for you. Take a look at the results, winning numbers and how to participate in the following paragraphs. Do not miss one of the most anticipated games in all of Colombia and write down every little detail as soon as possible.

This is one of the most important lotteries in Colombia because they have managed to keep the interest of their public. In addition, it has some very attractive prizes for bettors compared to its competitors. For this and more, this lottery has caught the attention of many Colombians, despite its age.

In case of a holiday, the lottery is passed to the next business day. In the same way, the results of the main chances that new winners delivered during this day will be known. Consider that to claim the money you must present the original lottery or chance ticket and your current identification document.

At what time is the ‘Manizales Lottery’ played?

The Manizales Lottery is played every Wednesday at 11 pm, with a jackpot of 1,300 million pesos, this is the official lottery of the department of Caldas, check here if you are a lottery winner. When the day is a holiday, the draw is held the following night.

Manizales Lottery: results of 09/21

What to do if you win the ‘Manizales Lottery’?

To request the delivery of the prize, the Single Tax Registry (RUT) certificate issued by the DIAN and a copy of the citizenship card must be presented. A lottery winner will not receive the full amount of money because the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) will deduct part of the amount.

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This is how, in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Statute, the winner of the ‘Lotería de Manizales’ will have to pay the tax for occasional winnings, which corresponds to 20% of the prize, plus the discount derived from the financial tax known as 4 x 1,000 on the gross value obtained.

LIVE Manizales Lottery on Thursday, July 21: results, draw and winners in Colombia.  (Video: Lottery Manizales / Instagram)
LIVE Manizales Lottery on Thursday, July 21: results, draw and winners in Colombia. (Video: Lottery Manizales / Instagram)

Manizales lottery: how to play online?

The game consists of each bet consisting of a ticket or fraction of four numbers plus the number of the series. You must match the complete number in order next to the series to win the jackpot. Currently, there are several ways to play the Manizales Lottery.

Each number is part of a ticket that is divided into three fractions. Authorized lottery agencies are the places where you can buy tickets. In this case, you have the possibility to choose which of the numbers you want to play or leave it to chance.

You also have the option of going to agencies such as the Manizales Lottery network to buy tickets or pre-printed fractions. Verifying the security marks of the ticket or fraction is important, since it guarantees that it is for the next available draw.


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