Road Trial: Cristina Kirchner evidenced the double standard of macrista legislators | “Life gives you surprises”

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner He used Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to refute the arguments of the prosecutors in the trial for the Vialidad case. The Vice President of the Nation uploaded a video of the presentation of her defensein which the inconsistency of a witness was pointed out: former deputy Juan Carlos Morán, of the Civic Coalition.

In the video it is recalled that Morán, who was a witness in the case and who in 2008 had denounced the national government as an illicit association and pointing out the alleged redirection of public works, signed an alternative budget project in 2010 in which he maintained “the same works that in Mr. Morán’s opinion had to be financed”.

The absence of coercion and intimidation in the voting of the budgets during the years of the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner was also pointed out.. Among other opponents, they accompanied Margarita Stolbizer, Francisco De Narváez, Graciela Camaño, Federico Pinedo and the then head of the senators of the Front for Victory, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, today a member of Together for Change.

Morán’s ambiguous statement in court

In 2019, when summoned by the Luciani Prosecutor’s Office, the former Deputy of the Civic Coalition, who filed several complaints together with Elisa Carrió and Paula Olivetto, based his suspicions of corruption on the fact that Néstor and Cristina Kirchner transferred officials from the management of the province of Santa Cruz to the National administration. According to him, it was suspicious that “the strong political leadership of Néstor Kirchner and later of Cristina Kirchner, with a political decision, granted a large budget to a Ministry that was created from this management, which was the Ministry of Planning in charge of Julio de Vido” . “We observed that very trustworthy and knowledgeable people, close to Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández, were occupying the main positions in that Ministry.”, he added at the time.

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Morán based his suspicions only on the fact that the national officials had been in the management of Néstor Kirchner in his province, affirming that “we saw a nationalization of the officials of Santa Cruz in that Ministry, which had a large budget.” At that time, CFK had pointed out that all the presidents since the return of democracy, transferred trusted men and women from the provincial administrations and spoke of the unusual thing of considering these appointments as a crime.

Morán’s statement, interrupted numerous times by the parties and by the Court itself, also revolved around the Kirchner’s ties with businessman Lázaro Báez. However, in his statement, he could only speak of suspicions and hypotheses raised in his complaints. It “could have” happened. “I think” had to be investigated. “It could have meant an insider benefit issue.” I don’t remember the numbers but in a complaint there was talk of changes in the prices of a work. This was the tenor of the statements made by the former opposition legislator, who was unable to confirm under oath that there had been corruption maneuvers.

When asked about the defenses, Morán could not specify which works would have been the focus of corruption. Noting that the first complaints date back more than ten years, he referred to “the works that are in the complaint” and Nor did he manage to specify who or who were in charge of the contested tenders..

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