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Congressman Rodolfo Hernández, of the League of Anticorruption Leaders, announced that he is going to resign from the Senate. He said so in a meeting with members of the European Union and presidents of the first commissions. He said that his presence in Congress “is like having Messi as a goalkeeper.”

It transpired that his resignation would take place on September 22. The cause could be the aspiration to the Government of Santander.

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What does the resignation of Rodolfo Hernández mean?

For Andrés Segura, political analyst, “Rodolfo never felt comfortable in the Senate, it is not his profile, it is not the stage where he can develop his ideas. His style is not one of deliberation, but of execution.”

He also assured about this news that Hernández “needed to be free for any type of candidacy he may have for the regional elections and to feed the League of Anticorruption Governors in the different lists that he will put in the rest of the country. He is left with greater freedom to support them.” .

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Greetings from Barreras and Hernández

The new president of Congress, Roy Barreras, greeting former candidate Rodolfo Hernández, who was in opposition to Gustavo Petro.

He needs to be in force in that discussion and what he saw is that the scenario to be in force is not the Senate

Segura also says that with this decision he would be trying to collect the feelings of the 10 million citizens who voted for him more freely. “On the outside you can play on any topic and put the spotlight on it as many times as you want,” he says.

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Regarding the vote he collected, the analyst assures that several of those votes were for rejecting the current president Gustavo Petro, but that implies not all the support was necessarily for him. “I doubt that he has the capacity to generate a national movement, but in the regional elections he will be able to position important figures in some sectors. He needs to be in force in that discussion and what he saw is that the scenario to be in force is not the Senate” .

For the expert, Rodolfo lost the elections in the second round because he did not present himself as a “possible president.” “He did not convince. They were afraid of their weaknesses in the debate. They stayed in their weaknesses about the knowledge of the Colombian State. They hid and in the end they gave Petro the free space so that he could present to the country who Rodolfo is Hernandez. That brought out two million people who normally didn’t vote to support Petro.”

Is there a lack of seriousness with the voters?

gustavo petro and rodolfo hernandez

President-elect Gustavo Petro meets for the first time with Rodolfo Hernández after the elections.


Gustavo Petro Campaign

On this aspect, the analyst explains that the scheme of the political system of our country “generates the elections to become an exercise of changing positions breaking the legitimacy with them. That undermines the credibility of the institutions.”

He says that the saddest phenomenon in this regard is that “not only the losers, but the winners see this as an option.”

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The question that remains after this resignation is whether voters will trust him again. In this sense, Segura explains that “it is possible that he will be hit, but the fall will not be very strong. During his tenure in the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga he managed to build a very strong nucleus in the department and in the end those are the votes he needs.”


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