Rodolfo Hernández will resign from the Senate of the Republic

Rodolfo Hernández, who won his seat by finishing second in the presidential elections, confirmed that he will resign from the Senate of the Republic. Everything indicates that he will aspire to the Governorship of Santander in the regional elections of 2023.

The senator will present his letter of resignation next Thursday, September 22, to officially disassociate himself from the corporation. The engineer announced his decision in a meeting with deputies from the European Union and the presidents of the First Commission in the Senate and Chamber, Fabio Amín and Juan Carlos Wills.

According to those present, the senator assured that his presence in the Congress of the Republic is like “putting Messi as a goalkeeper.” This is due to the entrepreneur’s experience as an executor, consolidated during his period in the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga.

Before his inauguration as a senator, SEMANA learned for the first time that the engineer planned to reach the Senate to assume the opposition and achieve legal status for his movement, the League of Anti-Corruption Governors. In this way, he would have a party and a platform to run for the Santander Governor’s Office.

Later, congressmen and leaders close to the engineer confirmed their intentions not to remain more than 6 months in the Senate. Later, the same engineer confirmed that he was thinking about the 2023 elections and that he was not “a parliamentary man.”

If he resigned tomorrow, the engineer would have been a senator for only three months and two days. His presence in the legislature was rather anonymous, with occasional allegations of corruption, without generating much repercussion. Nor did he become the head of the opposition, very sporadically trilling his objections to the administration of President Gustavo Petro.

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Many assure that his main intention in the Senate was to achieve his political party, which has generated controversy due to internal management. Socorro Oliveros, the engineer’s wife, is the director of the League of Anticorruption Governors. However, his attitude and the community’s family orientation have alienated its established leaders.

Representatives Juan Manuel Cortés and Erika Sánchez, who won the seat with the engineer’s list in Santander, cut their ties with the community due to the director’s rejection. They were never taken into account when constructing the statutes and, when they asked for participation, they were denied it.

Due to similar differences, the political director of Hernández’s campaign, Óscar Jahir Hernández, resigned from being an overseer of the community. During the electoral contest, the lawyer from Santander was considered the right hand of the engineer and the manager of success in the regions. Despite this, due to the intransigent lines of the directors, he had to leave his role in the League.

Undoubtedly, the engineer leaves the Senate of the Republic with less popularity than he had during the presidential elections. His masterful communications team, led by Luisa Olejua, no longer accompanies him, decreasing his successful presence on social networks. His visibility fell due to the bustle of the Congress of the Republic, where the opposition has visible faces such as María Fernanda Cabal, Paloma Valencia and Miguel Uribe.

Hernández’s voters, who largely put their trust in Gustavo Petro’s failure to win, are deeply disappointed in the engineer’s new role. In his new political bet, the engineer will have to win over the people again and that the 871,291 voters in the second round in Santander make a presence.

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