Roger Federer: “Three of my children cried when I told them I was leaving”

Roger Federer, after announcing last Thursday his official retirement from the courts at the conclusion of the Laver Cup, had his first encounter with the Swiss media at the Laver Cup.

Sensations: “Two or three weeks ago, I had a stomach ache because I had stopped everything. Tony Godisck, my agent, almost lost his mind because it took me so long to write the letter.”

Decision to hang up the racket. “It was a few days after Wimbledon, in July. The knee stopped progressing properly. I asked myself: And now what? It has been the same for a long time and without improvement. I know that retiring is the right decision and the only possible one.”

Washer Cup. “I’m surprised how good I’ve been feeling in training since I got here. It was clear from the start that I’m only going to play doubles, probably on Friday. Playing Basel was long out of the question.”

Future on the slopes. “Keep playing exhibitions and I know I can still fill stadiums. It doesn’t always have to be 52,000 people like Cape Town’s record.”

Other plans. “Six months ago I wondered if the next thing could be commentating on matches. I always said I didn’t want to do that. But commenting on some matches at Wimbledon…”

Role of Mirka Vavrinek. “She will get all my attention. The last few years have been hard on me, but I think even harder on her. She didn’t enjoy watching me play with all the physical problems. I felt bad for her.”

knee situation. “I hope he’s good enough to play doubles. Since July I haven’t been training much, but I had to stay fit.

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Failed return in 2021. “It was hard, all the tournaments in general were difficult. I was never even close to my 100 per 100. Reaching the quarters of Wimbledon, as it was, was incredible. The last set with Hurkacz was one of the worst hours of my career “.

Children’s reaction. “Three of the four started crying when I told them I was leaving. The first thing they asked me was that we weren’t going to Halle, Wimbledon, Indian Wells. I told them we could always come back if they wanted.”

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