day 212 of war in Ukraine.

The foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) agreed to prepare new sanctions against Russia, which will materialize as soon as possible, as announced by the head of community diplomacy, Josep Borrell. According to Borrell, this new package of sanctions will affect new sectors of the Russian economyincluding the technological one, and will include new individuals, but it has not yet been closed.

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The foreign ministers, meeting urgently in New York, also promised to continue providing weapons to kyiv for as long as it takes in a declaration adopted by consensus.

The meeting was convened today on the margins of the UN General Assembly, after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, decreed the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists and threaten to use its entire arsenal, including the nuclear one.

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It is clear that Putin is trying to destroy Ukraine, is trying to destroy the entire country by different means,” Borrell said at a press conference at the end of the meeting. The Spanish diplomat considered that Moscow’s latest moves seek to undermine the support that Ukraine is receiving from its allies and threaten peace and international security “on an unprecedented scale”.