Samahara Lobatón: In Boca de Todos she celebrates 380 soles for her daughter and she reacts: “They seem like my mother’s birthday Melissa Klug”

Samahara Lobatón was in the eye of the storm, after she claimed that she spent 40 thousand soles on her daughter Xianna’s birthday celebration. Such statements on the program “On everyone’s lips” were not to the liking of the public, who criticized her on social networks for spending so much money.

YOU CAN SEE: Samahara Lobatón will not spend 40 thousand soles on a party, now it will be 10 thousand dollars on a trip with Youna [VIDEO]

The former reality girl was on the show On everyone’s lips this September 20 to clarify if she will hold such an expensive celebration for “baby Xianna” again or what her new plan is for her 2nd birthday.

The daughter of Melissa Klug He said that now it will be an intimate party with his friends from the nest and family, but that later they will go on an international trip with Youna and his little brother Jeremy Farfán, the soccer player’s son.

The production of the magazine program prepared an option for a modest party for Samahara Lobaton 380 soles with decoration, sweets and cake; however, the former member of ‘Combate’ surprised with the comment that she released: “They look like my mom’s birthdays.”

YOU CAN SEE: Samahara does not regret saying that he celebrated a party of 40 thousand soles: “Everyone celebrates in the way they see fit”

Samahara Lobatón confesses that she will not spend a fortune for her second year of Xianna

The influencer confessed that Xianna’s first year spent 40 thousand soles, but she said now it will be something more intimate.

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