Sancti Spíritus prepares for entrance exams to Higher Education – Escambray

More than 950 twelfth grade students from the province will take these tests, which will take place in the coming month of November

The twelfth grade students of Sancti Spíritus are preparing to take the entrance exams for Higher Education next November. (Photo: Vicente Brito/Escambray)

A few days before the 2021-2022 school year restarts, the twelfth grade students of Sancti Spíritus waste no time, preparing to receive the Higher Education entrance exams corresponding to this school year.

The ordinary call for these tests will be held from November 15, with the subject of Mathematics, while Spanish and History will be held on November 18 and 22, respectively. For those fully justified cases, there will be a special one, from January 9 to 13, with a similar schedule.

In statements to Escambray Yunelsy Tamayo Castañeda, head of Pre-University Education in the Provincial Directorate of Education, specified that more than 950 students from the territory will attend such academic exercises, who will experience a process characterized by transparency and rigor.

Likewise, he referred that as a prelude to these tests, the students focus on successfully completing the current school stage, to give way to an intensive preparation that will run from October 15 to November 14, in order to systematize content in the different subjects. that are going to be evaluated.

Tamayo Castañeda added that the 18 educational institutions of this educational level in the province have a training strategy that includes everything from periodic checks to the development of cognitive independence, an essential element to face these exams.

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For his part, he found that even though the majority of twelfth-grade students prepare for the entrance exams, more than 450 already have their degrees awarded, which come from university colleges, the specialties with additional requirements, as well as the winners of competitions both at the provincial and national levels.

The head of Pre-University Education in Sancti Spíritus also pointed out that the teachers and students of this terminal degree are intertwined to arrive at the tests with a high level of knowledge, a fact that will enable the province to position itself, as in previous courses, among the first four territories of the country, based on the favorable results in this process of entering Higher Education.

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