Sayings about the outburst of the Chilean ambassador install new controversy in the Foreign Ministry

In the midst of questioning the Government for its handling of foreign policy, the Chilean ambassador to Spain, Javier Velascobecame the new target of criticism for assure that the social explosion was the result of the governments of the 30 years post transition.

Within the framework of the New Economy Forum in Madridrelated to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Association Agreement between Chile and the European Union, the diplomat reflected that that crisis “was a reaction to a very particular situation in our history. Today we are not in danger of an explosion of these dimensions,” he stated. the bewilderment.

In any case, the historical militant of Social Convergence added that “an outbreak of these dimensions is not a trivial matter. For us to get there, it took 30 years of policies that deepened inequality30 years of a country perceiving that on a daily basis”.

Mariano Fernandez (DC), former chancellor of the Bachelet administration, affirmed that these statements correspond to “a representative of a political party” and for the rest, that by pointing that out, Velasco goes “in contradiction to the very words of his President that same day at the United Nationswho recognized the advances in the 30 years, and maintained that things have to be improved”.

In this sense, he warned that “In the governments of the Concertación, when we had some dissenting voices, we took measures”which, in his opinion, should be evaluated by the current authorities.

The also former Minister of RR.EE Herald Munoz (PPD) maintained that events like this “they deserve a reconversion of the Chancellery”and stated that Velasco “must behave as an ambassador of our country, and not of the Broad Front.”

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The Speaker of the Lower House, Raul Soto (PPD), recognized that “I see those words with concern”, indicating that “in matters of foreign policy, it is very necessary to try to avoid personal opinions and have state opinions; I believe that it is necessary to leave personal convictions behind, and put the general interests of the country first”.

“We believe that we must be much more cautious, and it is necessary to have more criteria on the part of those who are exercising a diplomatic role“, placed the also member of the Foreign Relations Commission.

Considering that Pablo Iglesias introduced Velasco’s speechits pair of RN sofia cid (RN) argued that “it seems that the ambassador is more concerned with showing off revolutionary credentials with his Podemos allies in Spain, and that only benefits the parties of the Broad Front, which promote what it really has to do: the construction of beneficial diplomatic and commercial ties for all Chileans”.

“It is unfortunate that this happens in one of the key countries for Chile in Europe,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the UDI deputy Christian Moreira estimated that “the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Antonia Urrejola) has to intervene, admonish this ambassadorand I believe that if it is necessary for him to come to the country to render an account, he has to do so”.

On the other hand, it was noteworthy that Velasco also announced that in November the modernization of the agreement between Chile and the European Union will be signed, something that until now, Foreign Minister Urrejola only raised as an aspiration.

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