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Borrowed that I have taken the headline of that old Polish film by Andrzej Wajda to give signs of life under an indiscriminate attack on my home, the building, the neighborhood where I live that, drop by drop and without any preference, we have entered and exited from the extremely dangerous dengue in its four strains. And we continue at it. Today, so-and-so; tomorrow, dude.

It seems that a hidden force was not enough with the Covid and has decided to continue the harassment now with the female of the aedes aegypti with more intensity than expected. This is how a laboratory technician told me that while taking my blood, he confessed “that this has gone beyond the forecasts”.

An endless war for survival that, if the best of machines has life limited its resistance, in the human being the same could happen.

There are many lessons received. From priceless gestures of solidarity, of mutual aid to the most brilliant indifference.

And something related to this profession, with psychological overtones, that people are tired of reading hardships and calamities.

For this time, it will be enough. I can’t think of a good joke right now.

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